There are several commonly used phrasal verbs which consist of a verb followed by an adverb and followed by a preposition.

Example: I went along with the idea.

NOTE: In this example, the phrasal verb went along with consists of the verb to go followed by the adverb along and followed by the preposition with which has the the object idea.

The following are the examples of some phrasal verbs which consist of a verb + adverb + preposition with the meaning on the right column.

Phrasal Verb


Add up to

Back down from

Back out of

Boil down to

Bow out of

Brush up on

Carry on with

Catch up to

Clean up after

Come down to

Come down with

Come out in

Come up against

Come up with

Creep up on

Cry out for

Cut back on

Do away with

Face up to

Fall back on

Fit in with

Fool around with

Get away with

Get down to

Get in on

Give up on

Go along with

Go back on

Go through with

Grow out of

Hold out for

Keep up with

Lead up to

Live up to

Log on to

Look down on

Look forward to

Look out for

Look up to

Make up for

Pull out of

Push on with

Put up with

Read up on

Rub off on

Run up against

Send away for

Stick up for

Stock up on

Talk down to

Walk away with

Watch out for

Wriggle out of

Zero in on

Amount to

Withdraw, avoid

Not fulfill

Can be reduced to


Refresh knowledge of

Continue with


Tidy for

Can be reduced to

Become ill with


Meet an obstacle


Approach undetected

Urgently require



Accept and deal with

Turn to for help

Be suited to

Not be serious, have as a hobby

Not be punished

Begin dealing seriously with

Manage to participate in

Stop trying

Agree, not resist

Break a promise

Fulfill, carry out

Become too big for

Not compromise

Be on the same level as

Be a preparation for

Maintain a standard

Contact a computer

Regard as inferior


Watch for


Compensate for

Leave (of vehicles)

Go ahead, continue

Endure, tolerate

Read about

Acquire from someone


Order by mail

Defend, support

Lay in supplies

Speak patronizingly

Win easily

Beware of


Focus on

รง There are a few phrasal verbs consisting of a verb followed by an adverb and a preposition where the verb may have an object. In the followning example, the objects are underlined.

Example: We played them off against each other.

NOTE: In this example, the verb played of the phrasal verb to play off against has the object them, while the preposition against has the object each other.

The following are some examples of phrasal vebs consisting of a verb followed by an adverb and a preposition where the verb may have an object.

Phrasal Verb


Get over with

Let in on

Play off against

Play down to

Put up to

Take out on

Take up on

Talk out of

Undergo, finish

Allow to share

Encourage to fight

Attribute to

Arge to do wrong

Vent bad feelings on

Accdept an offer

Dissuade from