HAVE: We can use HAVE instead of Be to form PASSIVE when talking about things we pay, employ or arrange other people to do for us.


Subject + have/has + object1 + past participle + ( by obj2 )


- We have our car serviced by a local garage.

- My manager has the computer repaired.

NOTE: We can use HAVE with many different TENSES and MODAL VERBS.


- I am having a garage built at the moment. (Present Continuous)

- How often do you have your hair cut? (Present Simple)

- We had our computer serviced last week. (Past Simple)

- Jame has just had a suit made. (Present Perfect)

- You should have your eyes tested. (Modal Verb)

- Are you going to have new carpets fitted in your flat? (Future)

GET: We can use GET instead of HAVE to form PASSIVE when we talk about things that happen by accident or unexpectedly, but this is slightly less formal.


Subject + get + object1 + past participle + ( by obj2 )


- We get our brochures printed in Hong Kong.

- They get the central heating system checked once a year.