USE: We use the FUTURE PERFECT CONTINUOUS to emphasize how long (duration) something has been going on by a particular point in the future.


- On Monday, they will have been living in this house for a year.

- Next year she will have been working in the company for 10 years.

- I will have been sleeping for two hours by the time Chenda gets home.


Positive Sentence:

Subject + will/shall + have + been + verb-ing + object/Complement


- Jonson will have been watching TV for an hour tomorrow.

- Next week, I will have been looking for a job for one year.

- On Saturday, Alan will have been going to visit Angkor Wat for a month.

Negative Sentence:

Sub + will/shall + not + have + been + verb-ing + obj/comp


- Next month, Cambodian people will not have been cultivating in this land for 10 years.

- By 5:00 p.m., people will not have been harvesting in the field for a full day.

- Next week, they will not have been providing people with fertilizer and seeds for a year.


Will/Shall + sub + have + been + verb-ing + obj/comp ?


- Next year, will you have been working for the private company for 3 years?

- By next month, will the boss have been holding his position for 6 years?

- On June 24, will she have been keeping in touch with him for 7 months?