USE: We use FUTURE CONTINUOUS to talk about:

1) An activity or event going on at a particular time or over a particular period in the future.


- Next Friday, the President will be celebrating ten years in power.

- The plane will be traveling at the speed of sound when it passes overhead.

- I will be saying more about that topic in my next lecture.

2) A future activity or event is the result of a previous decision or arrangement.


- He will be taking up his place at university in January. (the result of a previous decision)

- She will be performing every day until the end of the month. (part of a schedule)

- We will be going to my brother’s house again for Christmas. (we always go there)


Positive Sentence:

Subject + will/shall + be + verb-ing + object/complement


- We will be leaving for England at 7:30 in the morning.

- I will be seeing Tony on Wednesday.

- They will be going on holiday with many friends next month.

Negative Sentence:

Sub + will/shall + not + be + verb-ing + obj/comp


- After operation you will not be doing any sport for a while.

- The prime minister will not be giving a press conference at the next section.

- The government will not be confronting the house problem in the inner cities next time.


Will/Shall + sub + be + verb-ing + obj/comp ?


- What will you be doing this time next week?

- Will Jimy be going out this morning?

- Shall we be using our camera at the next weekend?