A sentence is a group of words that is used to say something, to ask something, or to tell somebody to do something. It gives enough information for a person to form a complete idea in his mind of the message that is being communicated to him. There are five kinds of sentences as follow:

1) Declarative Sentences: Sentences that make statements.


- That isn’t the way to do it.

- I have two brothers and one sister.

- Canada and the United States are neighbors.

2) Interrogative Sentences: Sentences that ask questions.


- What are you doing?

- Where will you go tomorrow?

- Can I see her?

3) Imperative Sentences: Sentences that give commands or make requests.


- Don’t be lazy!

- Mind your business!

- Come and have a cup of tea.

5) Exclamatory Sentences: Sentences that are in the form of exclamations.


- What a lovely day it is!

- How marvelous!

- How pretty she is!

5) Optative Sentence: Some grammarians recognize a fifth sentence type, the Optative Sentence. Optative sentences express wishes.


- May you live a long and happy life together.

- God save you!

- Peace be upon him.

ü Optative sentences formed with May are found mainly in a very formal way.

ü Optative sentences like God save you! uses a special form of the verb in which there is no –s ending.

God save… (not God saves…)

ü Similarly, we have Peace be upon him rather than Peace is upon him.